Long Live Arts

cultural participation by older people

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Creative Dinner Long Live Arts
28 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Presentations Working Visit

Here you find the PowerPoint presentations, films etc. from the participating cities during the working visit exchange in June 2018.

Presentation introduction Cultural Participation Fund

Presentation Keynote Joris Slaets

Presentation Liverpool

Presentation Manchester and Manchester

Presentation Newcastle

Presentation Nottingham

Presentation Stockport

Presentation Sunderland

Presentation Helsinki

Presentation Eindhoven and movieclip Project OldSkool 2015 and movieclip Project OldSkool Poezie

Presentation Emmen and Emmen

Presentation Groningen

Presentation Leeuwarden and Leeuwarden

Presentation The Hague and The Hague

And here you find the PowerPoint presentations of the exchange meeting in Manchester, October 2018.

Agefriendly Manchester

Culture Champions Manchester


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