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Creative Dinner Long Live Arts
28 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The Long Live Arts Manifesto has been presented at the Creative Dinner in Brussels, at April 28.

During this Dinner the Flemish minister of Welfare, Health and Family, Jo Vandeurzen, the Flemish minister of Culture, Media, Youth and Brussels, Sven Gatz, the Director-General Culture and Media of the Netherlands, Marjan Hammersma and the Under Secretary of State for Culture of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bernd Neuendorf were the first ones to receive the Long Live Arts Manifesto.

The aim of the Manifesto is to encourage European policymakers to implement policy on a national and local level around this topic.

Read the whole Manifesto here. Take a look at the photos of the Creative Dinner.


Long Live Arts Manifesto presented at Creative Dinner

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