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Creative Dinner Long Live Arts
28 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The presentation about Music and Cultural Geragogy, Teaching for Lifelong Learning in the Arts and Culture in Germany, gaven by Almuth Fricke and Prof. Dr. Theo Hartogh is available.

This presentation was the key note and start of a two day peer to peer meeting in Remscheid, Germany in October, 2015. More information about this peer to peer meeting, and the presentation, can be found here.


Gabbi Mesters attends conference Sydney
Gabbi Mesters, project leader Long Live Arts, is invited to give a presentation at the conference 'Celebrate Creative Ageing Sydney. Inspiring innovative and imaginative ideas about Ageing creatively.' from 25 till 27 August 2015.
Margret Meagher, executive director of Arts and Health Australia, visited the Long Live Arts conference in May 2015. She became very inspired and decided to invite Long Live Arts for her own conference.
The International Conference in Australia takes place annually and approaches international speakers to explore the topic together. This edition will take place in the Opera House of Sydney and is financially made possible by the Baring Foundation, our British Long Live Arts partner.
For more information about this conference, check the website.


View highlights EU conference
Please click here to view the highlights of Long Live Arts.


Opening Night: Feel the Arts attracts many visitors
The local television station Omroep West provided a live stream of our show 'Opening night: Feel the Arts' in the care residencies of the Florence Zorggroep, for hundreds of older people in The Hague. At this moment more than 1100 people have watched the show.
'Opening night: Feel the Arts' featured the latest developments in dance, theatre and music where the ageing person plays a central role.
New application Europe by Citizens programme

The Long Live Arts team has joined forces with the cities The Hague (The Netherlands), Helsinki (Finland), Manchester (United Kingdom) and St. Niklaas (Belgium) for a new EU application at the European Citizen programme. Deadline for the application was 1 March.

Title of the new project is Long Live Arts inspires Age Friendly Cultural Cities. The 4 participating cities will support each other in drafting and executing strategies for older people to be(come) more self-reliant with the contribution of the senior citizens themselves. The WHO addresses challenges of ageing successfully with their 2007 programme Age Friendly Cities. These cities deal with issues like social participation (including cultural participation), social isolation to sustain and support the quality of life of older people and civic participation. The number of age friendly cities in Europe is low, compared to other continents. In order to focus on cultural participation on older people’s wellbeing and health we start a European network to increase the number of Age Friendly Cultural Cities in the upcoming years.


2016 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference
How will living to 100 years of age transform the way you look at life? Babies born today will most likely live to be 100 by 2100 as life expectancy has jumped from 45 in 1900 to 80 in 2000. Envision a world where all individuals flourish across their lifespan through creative expression.
Save the date: 25 - 28 September 2016: Washington DC, USA: The Creative Age: Global Perspectives on Creativity and Aging
2016 International NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference with spotlights events featuring Age Friendly Cities | Global Brain Health | Creative Caregiving


General report of the conference available

It was a great success: the European Conference Long Live Arts with more than 50 workshops from all over Europe, the United States, Brazil and Australia. Read the detailed report of the conference. You can find it here.


View Trailer Long Live Arts
Please click here to view the trailer of Long Live Arts.


 Blog Susan Perlstein
Our keynote speaker, Susan Perlstein, wrote a blog about her visit to the Long Live Arts conference. She is looking forward to more cooperation between Europe and the United States of America.
You can read her blog here.

Long Live Arts Manifesto presented at Creative Dinner

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