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cultural participation by older people

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Creative Dinner Long Live Arts
28 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Working Conference Long Live Arts, cultural participation by older people
16-17 October 2014
London, United Kingdom

What policies regarding cultural participation by older people have been developed by the Dutch, Flemish and British governments? How can we exchange research results on this topic on a European level? Which methods and strategies for cultural projects have proven to be successful and what can be learned from them? What are the challenges of tomorrow, and which case studies inspire us for the future?

On 16 and 17 October 2014, The Baring Foundation in London hosted the working conference ‘LONG LIVE ARTS - Cultural Participation by Older People’. A total of 75 European participants attended: policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and other stakeholders from the sectors of arts and culture, welfare and health care.

The conference was organised by the Long Live Arts team (The Netherlands), the Department of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media (Flanders, Belgium) and The Baring Foundation (United Kingdom). Keynote speeches and workshops on 'policy', 'practice' and 'research' intended to broaden the view on these themes and to initiate a discussion about the necessary aspects of each theme when linked to cultural participation by older people.

Report and biographies
Click here for a concise conference report and for the biographies of chairs, keynote speakers and workshop leaders.

Click here for (a selection of) presentations held at the conference.


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