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cultural participation by older people

Upcoming event
Creative Dinner Long Live Arts
28 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Peer to peer meeting
'Learning Opportunities for Older Adults in the Arts and through the Arts'
7&8 October 2015, Akademie Remscheid, Germany

Kubia (Centre of Competence for the Arts and ageing) organised the peer-to-peer meeting Learning Opportunities for Older Adults in the Arts and Culture: How to Build Professional Training Provisions (participation on invitation only). Each Long Live Arts partner assigned twenty experts, to discuss topics like: encouraging cultural participation and arts-based learning; the latest European training opportunities; inciting cooperation in education and training on a European level; the learning needs of facilitators; competencies essential to the curriculum; where to look for providers and/or partners for training programmes.

You can read the invitation and programme here. Almuth Fricke, director of ibk kubia, and Prof. Dr. Theo Hartogh gave a presentation about Music and Cultural Geragogy, Teaching for Lifelong learning in the Arts and Culture in Germany. Read their presentation here. More information of the participants can be found here.


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