Long Live Arts

cultural participation by older people

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Creative Dinner Long Live Arts
28 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Programme Long Live Arts conference

Please find below the summary of the conference programme. Click on the specific day for a detailed programme. 

20 May 2015 
Peer-to-peer Meetings


Prior to the Long Live Arts Conference, professional peers from all over Europe will form small, dynamic groups to learn from each other's (practical) experiences and exchange best practices.
Together they can draw on the group's collective insight and concentrate on active learning from a European perspective. The peers will explore what further research will be necessary regarding cultural participation and older people and what steps need to be taken for the European convention and for working towards a shared EU policy.
Enrich your conference experience, increase your expertise and be inspired!


21 May 2015
Day 1 Long Live Arts conference


- Official opening by several renowned speakers, such as Susan Perlstein, Bob Collins and Andreas Kruse.
- Networking lunch.
- Afternoon programme with 25 presentations and workshops.
- Spectacular show 'Opening Night: Feel the Arts' which will be staged in the presence of Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and hosted by Hedy d'Ancona (Former Minister of Culture and Member of the EU Parliament).
- Generation Dinner 'The Circle of Life' (optional).


22 May 2015
Day 2 Long Live Arts conference


- Morning excursions, e.g. Haags Gemeentemuseum and Korzo Theater, of which you may select one of your choice.
- Lunch with funding market and speed dating with various EU funding organisations.
- Afternoon programme with 25 presentations and workshops. Don't miss one of the sessions of the four ambassadors who will represent the Long Live Arts conference at the US conference 'The Creative Age'. 
- Dazzling finale by Holland Dance & Grey Vibes.
- Stand-up comedy show: 'OUDstanding: Age is but a number' (optional).



Long Live Arts Manifesto presented at Creative Dinner

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