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Lang Leve Kunst! Over ouderen en cultuur

The Dutch partners of Long Live Arts published the book "Lang Leve Kunst! Over ouderen en cultuur" (Long Live Arts! On older people and culture) in 2013. The book contains a collection of essays on culture for and by older people. Authors include Hedy d’Ancona, Noraly Beyer, Jet Bussemaker, Michael D. Higgins, Susan Perlstein, Martin van Rijn, Jacquelien de Savornin Lohman, Paul Schnabel and others.

For more information click here. The publication is in Dutch with an English summary.



Mark Mieras - Older, culturally active and full of life. How arts participation contributes to health, welfare and independence.

In this article Mark Mieras (an Amsterdam-based science journalist) reveals how arts participation stimulates older people to not retreat after their retirement, but invest in their own development. 

Read the article here.


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