Long Live Arts

cultural participation by older people

Upcoming event
Creative Dinner Long Live Arts
28 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium


Did you know Europe is the fastest ageing continent? In 2050 one-third of all Europeans will be over 65. This growing presence of older adults creates new opportunities for both individual and societal development. Cultural participation has proven to expand well-being and health in old age, providing older people with a more dignified and fulfilled life.

Arts and culture, as well as health care and welfare, need to join hands to encourage older people to participate in cultural activities. Long Live Arts is a European initiative of the Dutch Long Live Arts partners, The Baring Foundation in the United Kingdom, the Flemish Department of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media and Kubia Centre of Competence for the Arts and Ageing in Germany. Their two-year programme aims to solidify cultural participation by older people and to stimulate a positive intergenerational perspective.


Long Live Arts Manifesto presented at Creative Dinner

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